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Shiftsimple's on demand staffing platform gives you access to reliable and quality educators at the click of a button.

We are changing how you hire casual educators, so you can focus on what you love most - providing quality education and care for our children.

Why Shiftsimple?

Hire quality every time

Instant access to our community of trusted educators who have all been extensively screened to guarantee quality.

More cost effective

Hire pre-screened educators in minutes saving up to 40% more than traditional recruitment agencies.

Costs made clear

Take back control of hiring costs with our flat hourly pricing that includes all payroll and a custom dashboard to track spend.


Hire instantly to manage known shortages or last-minute absenteeism with immediately available on-demand educators.

Flex your workforce

Build a casual pool through our platform without the hassle of advertising, interviewing or onboarding casuals.

Reimagine recruitment

Shiftsimple’s dedicated one-on-one support makes hiring the right educators quicker, simpler, and more stress-free than ever.

  • Save up to 40% in casual wages compared to traditional recruitment agencies
  • Extensive screening and behavioural testing
  • 24/7 access to quality educators
  • Eliminate paperwork and payroll
  • Saves you time and increases productivity.
  • Educators receive ongoing professional development.

How it works

Request an educator

Shiftsimple allows you to book an educator within minutes after approving your registration. Customise requests specific to your exact job and centre needs and Shiftsimple will match educators who best meet your requirements.

Select your preferred educator

All educators have undergone a thorough onboarding process. Only 30% of educators make it onto the Shiftsimple platform, resulting in access to the highest quality educators.

Allow Shiftsimple to manage the rest

When the educator has completed their shift, you rate and confirm their timesheet in two simple clicks, and we manage payment. No need to worry about payroll costs or compliance. Shiftsimple takes care of all tax, on costs and pay above Award Rates.

Rate and review your educator

Rating and reviews allow us to ensure a consistently great experience for both educators and services. Ratings help services make an informed decision about who they hire and helps educators remain accountable to deliver a great job.